Tithe Green Burial Ground





Memorial trees are not planted on top of graves; they are planted in large groups within the burial ground from a choice of ash, oak, lime, wild cherry, rowan and silver birch and are purchased through the Estate Office. Families purchasing trees are invited to the burial ground to choose the position and help plant their tree in January or February. Small memorial plaques are permitted next to the trees. As in any managed woodland, it is not possible to guarantee the survival of all trees; any not surviving more than 5 years will be replaced at our expense.


Over the years the Tithe Green Burial ground will develop into woodland with areas of wild flower meadow. The grass is only cut twice a year in late July and September to encourage wild flowers, although walkways will be cut more frequently.


We do not offer the services provided by a funeral director, as a result most families use one, but it is perfectly acceptable for a family to make and carry out all the arrangements themselves. If more information is needed you should speak to the Estate Manager.
The Oxton Estate requests all burials take place in an all-biodegradable coffin, casket or shroud.
Single grave spaces may be pre-purchased as can adjoining spaces for future use, please note each space is large enough for a single coffin burial or 4 ashes caskets. Unless pre-purchased, grave spaces will be allocated by the Estate.
An area of the burial ground has been consecrated for Christian believers burials.
To aid the development of the wild flower meadow a packet of wild flower seed is given with every grave space purchased.
The position of all graves is recorded on a plan in the estate office to allow for location in the future, because in years to come they will be hidden under the grasses and flowers of the meadow. To allow families to locate the grave of their loved one, small memorial plaques are permitted over the graves upon agreement with the Estate Manager. They must be laid flat on the grave so as not to restrict grass cutting.


Cremated remains may be strewn in certain areas within the burial ground although no record is kept of their location. please consult the Estate Manager for details. They may also be buried under a memorial tree or strewn in the grass around the tree. If it is requested that the remains be buried in a casket, it would be necessary to purchase a grave space.




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