Views around the estate .

Welcome to Oxton Estate

Based in the heart of Nottinghamshire, the estate has a wealth of services and local interest. Use the links below to learn more about this beautiful and varied estate.

  • OXTON FARM - Everything you need to know about the farm, it's products and who to contact.
  • RESIDENTIAL LETTINGS - The estate has 28 residential lettings. For information on what is available click here.
  • COMMERCIAL OFFICES - Coming soon. For information click here.
  • TITHE BURIAL GROUND - Near Calverton, offering alternative Nottinghamshire burial in a beautiful tranquil woodland setting.
  • OAKMERE PARK GOLF COURSE - Two free draining heathland courses and rated one of the best in Nottinghamshire, designed by Frank Peninck.
  • GALLERY - A collection of beautiful views around the estate.


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